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The Innovation Square Startup Accelerator Program (I2@OIST) provides access to a combination of talent, facilities, and resources from OIST to help the most innovative and global technology entrepreneurs build their startups.


A partnership between OIST and Beyond Next Ventures, OBI-Hub is a comprehensive support system that nurtures deep-tech startups and strives to bring impactful technologies to the World.


The incubator is a mixed-use facility that accommodates wet lab, dry lab, and computational research and development activities. It is open to startup companies as well as established companies that wish to collaborate with OIST.



OIST Stories: OIST Scientists

What made our scientists choose OIST? Find out why - in their own words!

Sustainable Energy at OIST

The current climate emergency demands innovative solutions from science and technology.

Innovation Square Startup Incubator

Welcome to I²: the Innovation Square Startup Incubator at the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology graduate university (OIST).

Eco-Friendly Water Retention Natural Polymer (EFP)

The EF Polymer team has developed a super absorbent polymer from biowaste which retains water, prevents runoff, biodegrades into fertilizer, and pr

OIST - University of the Future 新時代の教育研究を切り拓く

The 2015 OIST Movie "University of the Future"

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Innovation Square Incubator Overview

Innovation Square is a key initiative of the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology and managed by the Technology Development & Innovation Center. By catalyzing startups in Okinawa, OIST aims to strengthen the innovation ecosystem around the university and contribute to self-sustaining economic development in the region.