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OIST-Beyond Next Ventures Innovation Hub (OBI-Hub)

A partnership between OIST and Beyond Next Ventures, OBI-Hub is a comprehensive support system that nurtures deep-tech startups and strives to bring impactful technologies to the World. Beyond Next Ventures, a hands-on deep-tech focused investor and accelerator, provides capital investment and business growth support. OIST provides tailor-made business services such as access to its state-of-the art campus and incubator facilities, scientific and entrepreneurship seminars, and connections to a world-wide network of leading researchers, experts, and business partners.

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Applications are open until 30 January 2022.

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  • Targets: Pre-seed, seed and early-stage technology startups from anywhere in the World, that have the potential to have a transformative impact on people and the planet.
  • Sectors: All industries. For example, medical and healthcare, electronics, environment and energy, agriculture and food, IT.
  • Fields: All technologies. For example, biology, chemistry, physics, advanced materials, nanotechnologies, quantum sciences, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML).


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Characteristics of OBI-Hub

Your Gateway to the World

As one of the most innovative and international science and technology universities in Japan, OIST will give you access to its diverse and inclusive community and wider global network to link you to leading researchers, experts, and business partners globally.

Continuous capital fundraising and hands-on support

As a firm focusing on deep-tech startup investments, Beyond Next Ventures will use its experience and network to bolster you and resolve issues you may face while providing your startup with follow-on investment, thus enabling you to accelerate and expand your business.


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Customized support

Beyond Next Ventures

  • Investment:
    • Around US$ 500,000, depending on the sector and growth stage of each selected startup.
  • Hands-on support:
    • Business growth support: Business strategy development, matching with companies and experts, overseas expansion support, management department system development.
    • Personnel support: Human resources strategy development, hiring for strategic positions (executives, engineers, intermediate management).
    • Capital fundraising support: Follow-on investment, advice for grant application, securing co-investors.
    • Infrastructure support in Tokyo: laboratory facilities for experiments, co-working spaces.


Tailored in-kind investment, worth up to US$ 50,000, which may include:

  • Facilities:
    • Use of selected facilities and equipment for handling all kinds of research and design activities including wet and dry labs, maker spaces and co-working spaces at discounted rates.
  • Skills and Knowledge:
    • Complimentary on-campus and online science and technology seminars held by OIST.
    • Complimentary on-campus and online entrepreneurial workshops held by OIST
  • Network:
    • Access to OIST's global network (researchers, experts, corporate partners, investors, etc.).
    • Support in finding technology and business mentors and advisors.
  • Relocation:
    • Clerical support for relocating to Okinawa if necessary.


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Application process

  • Entry: Click the “Apply to OBI-Hub” button, enter the required information on the application page, attach your documents, and submit.
  • We will review your document-based application. If you are selected for the next stage, we will contact you by email at the address registered on your application form to arrange an interview.
  • Applicants who successfully pass the interview screening will be invited to join OBI-Hub.