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OIST-Beyond Next Ventures Innovation Hub (OBI-Hub)

A partnership between OIST and Beyond Next Ventures, OBI-Hub is a comprehensive support system that nurtures deep tech startups by providing them with access to financial investment, hands-on investor support and customized business services. OBI-Hub strives to bring impactful technologies to market and to foster the innovation ecosystem in Okinawa.

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Accelerator Eligibility
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The program is targeting pre-seed, seed and early-stage technology startups incorporated anywhere in the world, that have the potential to have a transformative impact on human life and our planet.


Accelerator Funding
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Funding from Beyond Next Ventures, indicatively ranging between US$250,000 and US$500,000 (subject to industry sector and stage of development).


Accelerator Resources
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Customized support

  • Hands-on investor support from Beyond Next Ventures
  • Facilitated access to the Beyond Next Ventures ecosystem of services, including BRAVE, Blockbuster Tokyo, and Beyond BioLab (usage fees may apply in each case)
  • Tailored services from OIST, worth up to US$50,000, which may include:
    • Discounted access to the iSquare Incubator and selected OIST facilities and equipment
    • Complimentary technical and educational seminars, on the OIST campus or online, as applicable
    • Facilitated access to scientific and entrepreneurship workshops on the OIST campus or online, as applicable
    • Administrative support with grant applications
    • Facilitated introduction to OIST's network of faculty, researchers, thought leaders, investors and corporate partners
    • Assistance with the identification of technical and business mentors and advisors
    • Assistance with the recruitment of a management team
    • Administrative help with relocating to Okinawa, when applicable